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on the floor...

Sorry for changing the look of the blog again. But after checking it on a homie's computer, it seemed a little hard to read, so bare with me as I reformat all my previous post (why would I give myself so much extra unnecessary work?). It's gonna take a couple of days. At the same time I'm already hard at work on the new site. Hopefully I can have that up before the new year.

Another man who's really hard at work is Egyptrixx. The dude's become like my right hand man. Remember though, Sushi Mane is my left hand man and Evstarr's grinding really hard. We got so much on the go for ya'll I wish I could tell you everything. But I can't just cause shit can still fall through...

Back to Egyptrixx though. He's got a few remixes on the go. A new mini mix for the blog and is doing a lot of the shit for me. Dude's the man who's really putting me to work. But he just finished this and sent it out. Give a listen to. It's pretty tight. I'll have more shit from him in the veryt near future.

Disco D - Where They At? (Egyptrixx Subbass Brodown Mix)

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