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in case you didn't know this...

Evstarr and I missed our deadline for the "it's Monday Already" mix release yesterday. It was actually missed on purpose. We had really busy schedules and weren't ready for it. But I promise that next week, we'll definitely have it together. I know it's Tuesday, but to help you with your totally boring work week, I'm gonna post a few of my friends mixes (all new) that they've posted the past few days. It should tie things over until we post the first "it's Monday Already?" mix.

Also, visit The Curb Crawlers blog for Sek One's bass mix.

*photos above - 1. Alicia, Kristen & Jen (my friends from high school) 2. Does anyone know the girl's name on the left? @ the B-Live Bacardi party 4. Your Boy Brian & his friends 3. All the cool kids at the Shared Loft after party. All from this past weekend.

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