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air raids, bitch!

Having fallen behind on my updates, I've had to turn to my friends blogs as resources to help keep this thing fresh. So while surfin' the net during the weekend I've managed to compile a whole bunch of tracks I've yet to post on the blog.

Here's a few I've found over the past few days...

Fistfight Edits via Curb Crawlers -

To My Boy - Model (Sinden remix - Fistfight dub edit)
Riva Starr - Bubbles (Fistfight edit)

A few weeks ago my homies from the Stylusts Crew launched their official blog. So far they've been really on point with the updates.

Rockwell - Who's Watching (Techtwelve Remix)
Torture Music - Mike Tull

I'll some more updates throughout the day. A few more party announcements ya'll prolly know about or might didn't about as well.

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