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all new mini mix.

Finally! I can present the newest in my so called "mini mix" series. Big ups to David for this one. With all that's going right now for the crew, he managed to pull up and find time to get this done right.

It's a bit surprising how David Psutka aka Egyptrixx is more known outside of Toronto rather than inside. The kid is nothing but pure talent. He shines cause he grinds. Egyptrixx has put in mad work as a producer/remixer/DJ. With forth coming remix releases for the likes of DJ Nasty, Syntonics and Raziek to name a few, Toronto will have no choice but to deal with the matter. I' m sure glad I snatch'd him out before ya'll bothered to take notice. But do me the favor and book the fucker. You're party more than needs, you're crowd deserve. And sooner than later he'll have a permanent residency at a venue I might have mentioned below. But who knows...

Egyptrixx - Mini Mix II download via (zshare)

He also just finished remixing DJ Raziek's 5 Fingers. So you can grab it here...

Raziek - 5 fingers (Egyptrixx remix) download.

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