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Longest Post Ever (try and read it all)


Definitely too early to be blogging, but what the heck Happy Devil's Day! It's gonna be a high of 16°C. Let's make this a good one.

First off, I'd like to officially announce my plans to launch a new website within the upcoming weeks. I'm not trying for another music blogging site but to really jump off a Toronto music and art from our street culture site. Not a half assed one either, but a totally legit site where we can showcase the great and amazing talent within Toronto, the GTA and eventually Canada. A site with interviews of locals doing big things, download-able mp3's to sample their new music or view samples of their art work. A chance for Toronto and the world to see what's poppin' in the 'dot. I think we're kinda lacking that. It's a bit lame that we kinda have find out about new shit through blogs and sites mostly non-Canadian based. But don't think for a second that I'm gonna limit it to just Canada. It's also open to showcasing what's good with the world and Canadians outside the country doing big tings. Is the world ready for Toronto? I think so. And most of all I plan on dedicating a lot of my time to mostly original content. I'll need a lot of help with accomplishing that one. So if you have anything you would like to contribute or if you're interested in getting involved please shoot me an email at totally.wit.it@gmail.com.

By the way, thanks to everyone that's been reading the the blog. The traffic's totally jumped off and the visitors are coming from everywhere. I love it.

Second, next week I'll be posting a new weekly mix of tunes we find on the net. When I speak of we, I'm speaking of DJ Evstarr and myself. We're gonna try to do this "It's Monday Already? Mix". It'll be fun I think. It'll have shit from everywhere, new and old shit, remixes and edits. 'Naw means? It's gonna have that "the party ain't over" feel. Cause it never is.

If you haven't already heard Egyptrixx, The Sushi Mane and Evstarr went out to the left coast to put Cream Team on blast. I heard they fucking killed it too. We plan on coming out there again in the new year. This time I will make it there, for reals. Thanks to all the sponsors (Topshelf and Ransom!) and all the good peoples who made this shit possible.

Evstarr & Friends

Egyptrixx getting jiggy wit it.

Egyptrixx is gonna be sending me some more new remixes soon. As soon as he can get them cleared or finds one he likes (he says that). Look out for that. We also have some great shit in the works like parties and music and shit. Maybe some tees coming soon too. I'm totally going all out on everything.

Other annoncements:

GO AND VOTE FOR THUNDERHEIST!!! They've been nominateed to be in URB's Next 100. Hot fucking damn! Big ups to Isis and Grahmzilla. You can vote right here.

Halloween's tomorrow nite. You can't forget that. So after you're done bullying little children into giving you there candies make sure to come to The Social (1100 Queen St. West) for
THE TRASH HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA with DJ Whitey & Rory Phillips (both of whom are from the U.K.). It'll be hella scurry. Wear a costume, best one wins a cash prize.

Saturday sees Diplo and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) @ the Baccardi Party. Hell YA! Crunk fucking times.

I have a blog on Riottt. If you want an invite to Riottt leave me a comment here with ya email or something and I'll get at chu with one. Just make sure to put me as your referrence. I'll kick yo ass if you don't cause that's just rude.

Wanna see what mine looks like? It's a little bare but here is it...

And finally some music I downloaded from the this crazy blog in Argentina -

Villa Diamante vs Sonido Martines - Skeelo vs Destellos
Luisao - Bam Bam ( Puro Movimiento vs Princess Gold)
Zurita - Method Man vs Grupo Soñador (El Gigante del Style)

Maybe I'll have another post later.

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