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Happy Halloween!!!

I originally had something big I wanted to do on the blog for Hollerween but I've got a lot on my plate right now and just didn't have the time to do it. My bad. Still, tonite @ The Social should make for an interesting Hollerween nite jammy. Don't forget to come.

Here's some tracks I just received in my email from two fellow Torontonians. The first one's from STA, it's a remix he did for Brodinski's track Bad Runner. As for the second one, it's from Gingy. A bootleg remix of ODB's Got Your Money. Both are really nice for the dancefloor.

Brodinski - Bad Runner (Sta remix)

ODB - Got Your Money (Gingy's bootleg remix)

Someone bring me some candy tonite. That would be awesome. And if your not doing anything right now, go and watch that Lil' Hipsters shit I've been going on about. They totally poke fun at all of us. Not like you and me...but just watch it.

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