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Guide on How to Pickup a Streetwear Chick

Photo courtesy of Take More Photos.

If you haven't already heard everyone's favourite anti-streetwear blog is back. Under their new name Satchel of Gravel, the site formerly known as Dont Believe the Hypebeast has just posted one of their funniest features ever. The story is called So You Wanna Pick Up A Streetwear Chick?

check out #4.

"Only drop the right names. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re squash buddies with Rupert Murdoch or that your last relationship was Adriana Lima. If you’re not getting the employee discount at Reed Space or allowed in the stockroom of Flight Club, you’re not sealing the deal. If you’re not pulling this type of rank yet, we suggest you go invest in some weed and become friends with those cats, now."

Read the rest of the article here.