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excellent adventures

Evstarr, Egyptrixx and The Sushi Mane have returned from their mini adventure to the westcoast. I should be posting the photos sometime real soon.

One of the reasons the boys went out to the leftcoast of Canada was to give Cream Team a little western exposure as well as promote Evstarr & The Sushi Mane's recent collaborative project entitled Trap Stars & Air Guitars.

It aint tryin' to be revolutionary or too original, Trap Stars and Air Guitars is more a technical showcase of both Ev's and Sushi Mane's skill.What it is guaranteed to do though is induce constant air guitarring just like in Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure.

DJ Evstarr & The Sushi Mane - Trap Stars and Air Guitars

Another good download if ya'll don't already got it is the Egyptrixx's Child Support tune. Definitley a fast paced smasher on the floor.

Also, I wanna apologize if it seems like I'm rehashing my content. I am actually doing it on purpose. I keep putting shit up without any real information, so sometimes I like to go back and fill in the blanks. It's really due to the fact that I'm lazy. But I plan to get into some drugs and bitches tonite, hopefully creating some new content.

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