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It's All Good.

The next installation to Back Like Cooked Cracked, is an interview with a very talented photographer who goes by the name of Boogie. The interview was originaly published in October of 2005. Almost a year before his book, "It's All Good" was printed on powerHouse Books. He was the first ever photographer I interviewed. I found his site, Art Coup randomly on the internet. I decided to hit him up. This was the end result...

Please state your name, where are you from and your current location?
Boogie, born/raised in Belgrade, live/work in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been living in NY for last 7-8 years.

What is it that you do?

I’m a street photographer. Or documentary photographer. Something like that.

How did you become a photographer? Was it something you’ve always wanted to be?

Hm. My dad and my grandfather were both photographers, more on the amateur side, but that must’ve been a big influence…then during the crisis in ex-Yugoslavia I started collecting vintage cameras (people were starving, selling stuff from their homes just to survive), then eventually decided to use one of them. Then my dad got me a ‘real’ camera. When the first few images started appearing in the developer inside my bathroom/darkroom I was hooked (for life probably).
I never really had plans on becoming a photographer, I studied ‘Microprocessors & Electronics’ on Belgrade University. And yeah, I graduated but I never did that…

Did you study to become a photographer?
No, I never studied anything related to photography.

Can you remember the first photograph you took?

Oh yeah of course I do --- it was a head shot of my god-daughter Vesna…

When was your first photograph published?

In 1993, for a magazine in Belgrade.

For those who aren’t familiar with your name, where might they have seen your work?

Hm,hm,hm – Mass Appeal, MADE magazine, CUBE, Hamburger Eyes, YRB, OjoDePez, Project Therapy…

If you don’t mind sharing, what camera are you currently using? What type of lenses?
Usually Nikon F3 + 24/2.8 + 50/1.2 + 85/1.4 …. Whenever I go to the ghetto I bring an F3. I also have an F5 and fancy AF lenses but you know, if I get robbed or something, I'm off better losing the cheaper set.

How do you find your subject matters for your shoots?
Not sure really, it just happens … I’m always after extremes, and (unfortunately ) normal everyday life doesn’t inspire me anymore. I hope that changes some day … it’s all good while you are shooting, but everything gets to you later, it stays in your head, and you have to live with it.

Are you finding satisfaction in your work?

Oh yes, of course. I can’t really imagine not doing it…I have to have my daily dose of shooting.

What are some of your inspirations and influences?

I love work of Antonin Kratochvil, Eugene Richards, Paolo Pellegrin…

If you could shoot one person today, who would it be?

I think Zarqawi…

Let’s say you aren’t a photographer today, what would you be doing?
Anything ‘creative’…I can’t really say, but I think you can find satisfaction in any kind of work. Acting sounds very interesting…

What is the future looking like for Boogie? Do you have any solo or group shows forthcoming? What can we expect from Boogie?

My first book, ‘It’s all good’ will be published in Spring 2007 with Miss Rosen Editions for powerHouse Books. This book will be a collection of photographs of gangs and drug addiction .

I plan to go to Kingston, Jamaica, very soon, I have a very good friend (and also a very talented photographer, Peter Dean Pickards) there…

Would you recommend someone for me to interview?

My friends, hamburger eyes? (it's not one man, it's a collective of photographers)

Anything you feel I missed?

No worries, you did ok.

P.S. I have in my collection a huge selection of photos he had given me for the original interview. I choose these five to coincide with the theme, Backed Like Cooked Cracked.

Here's a couple of links where you can purchase the book:
Boogie Fever (signed copy) & It's All Good (regular edition)

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