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Back Like Cooked Crack

While going through my emails the other day I found a shit load of old work I did for an online magazine. Since we never really had an exclusivity contract in place I figured I’d repost them on this here blog as a way of achieving ‘em for both personal and professional use. The sites been revamped and all of its original content are gone. So why the fuck not, right?

Therefore, here is the first installment to Back Like Cooked Crack. It’s an interview with both Leah and Sharon (former partner) focusing not only on what was then an up and coming women’s line from NY but also on their lifestyle. Most streetwear lines are a reflection of the people behind it so it was only fitting to get into detail of what these women where all about.

Originally published in August 2005, Married to The Mob has since then blown the fuck up. They’ve been featured in just about everything you can possibly imagine. Vogue to Nylon, MTTM has managed to collab with the likes of Kaws, Wu Tang Clan to MCM. It’s definitely nice to see that they more than lived up to most peoples expectations. They killed It. But enough with the babbling already, without further delay I present to you A Most Offical interview…


How did you ladies put MTTM together? Were there any major issues MTTM had to overcome before you could put the line out? If yes, how did you deal with it?

We were just chillin last summer, netither one of us had a job….so we just decided to start a t-shirt line….we had nothing else to do. No really, we had good ideas and the connections to get the product made so we did it. Nah, luckily we didn’t have to deal with any real issues…we don’t really get stressed out about shit anyway…it’s not worth it.

What inspires MTTM? As women in general what influences you do keep moving on a daily basis? How has MTTM affected you personal life and vice versa?

Living in New York it is really easy to find inspiration…all you have to do is take a walk down the block no matter where in the city you live, there will always be some crazy shit going on. We get inspired by a variation of many different things…… bums and junkies, Chanel, Goyard, expensive shit, haters, lovers, purple rabbits, white trash, God, 1996, our friends, just to name a few. Well in terms of our personal life, it’s funny because there are websites where people we don’t even know talk about us….plus it has changed our relationship, sometimes we fight and we have to learn to separate business from friendship and not take anything personal.

Who are you feeling right now? Who’s wack in your opinion right now? Feel free to answer freely because from what I’ve seen and read you ladies aint fucking shy?

Roberto Cavalli has some ill, over the top shit…some high-end guidette shit…so does Versace…As always, we love Balenciaga, Hanes and YSL. Marc Jacobs sucks!

Do you have a good story to tell? Something you’d like to share with the readers, like a day in your shoes. What is it like just being you?

We were talking to possible investors…they decided to take us to PM (a club in the meatpacking district) after dinner. Up till that point, they loved us! We had a booth----some little drunk bitch decided to run up on our table & start dancing…it was ridiculous! So I pushed her off the table. She fell on the floor and hit her head off the edge of the table. It was ugly. Her friend tried to get loud then and Leah threw a drink in her face. The investors were stunned but their girlfriends were happier than shit. They thought the skanks were trying to steal their men, or at least their men’s black cards…..Being us is pretty fun.

If you don’t mind me asking…describe the perfect man. How would you like to be approached by a man? What’s the worse pick up line you’ve ever been given?

Leah: My man is the absolutely most perfect guy for me. Smart, creative successful and yet modest. I hate show off-y guys…that’s so faggy to me. And most importantly he is in love me as much as I’m in love with him. We are going to live happily ever after….what more does any girl want. I like to be the one who approaches the aggressor. The last thing I want is my guy to be aggressive. Worst pick up line would have to be “Hey mami” I guess that doesn’t sound so bad…but it was coming from an amputee in a wheelchair outside the AIDS clinic on Rivington.

Sharon: The perfect man makes me laugh, has his shit together, got style, and is my biggest fan. I hate when men approach me…I just assume they approach everyone. I keep walking when I hear pick up lines…but the worst shit that happened recently---some little bastard paid me a compliment when I passed him on the street, I kept walking, and because I ignored him, he threatened “to kick me in the chest”.

Being really random, pick between theses options and tell us why.


Diamonds or Furs? Diamonds especially canary
Gucci or Louis Vuitton? Clothes- Gucci Bags-LV classic
Jay Z or Nas? Nas
Pharrell or Kanye West? Pharrell. Fuck the roc
Shower or Bath? Bath
The beach or the spa? Beach (Amagansett)
Dinner and a movie or pre-drinking then the club? Depends…dinner and a movie with my man then pre-drinking and clubbing with the MOB Crew


Diamonds or Furs? Diamonds---they have a better resale value.
Gucci or Louis Vuitton? Neither. Goyard.
Jay Z or Nas? I love them both. But I have to go with J.
Pharrell or Kanye West? Kanye.
Shower or Bath? Bath
The beach or the spa? The Beach.
Dinner and a movie or pre-drinking then the club? Fuck the movies…dinner & drinks then more drinks at da club.

A good night in N.Y. is accomplished how?

By hanging with us.

If you could do a collaboration with anybody who would it be?


Say there was no MTTM right now, what would you be doing?

Leah: Having babies
Sharon: Collecting welfare.

Any last words or shout outs?

Check yourself…

And there you have it folks. Look out for the next installment coming to you very soon, or maybe not. This was a bitch to reformat, still it was hella fun.

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